Tobacco & Smoke Free Campus

Top 10 FIU Reasons for Going Smoke-free and Tobacco-free

  1. Improve the health of non-smokers
  2. Reduce the rates of preventable diseases and deaths among non-smokers from second-hand smoke
  3. Encourage faculty, student and staff smokers and tobacco users to make quit attempts
  4. Reduce the smoking rates among faculty, students and staff
  5. Reduce the number of workdays lost due to smoking
  6. Reduce the health care costs caused by smoking and second-hand smoke
  7. Encourage smokers to develop smoke-free homes/cars to benefit their family members
  8. Develop a healthier workforce
  9. Enhance FIU’s identity and public image as a health-promoting culture
  10. Join a global movement to develop tobacco-free colleges and universities

For more information about on-campus resources or to schedule an appointment for any of these services please call:

BBC: 305-919-5620 ext. 4
MMC: 305-348-2401 ext. 5
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